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Plain rice 
Veg fried rice 
Egg fried rice 
Chicken fried rice 
Shrimp fried rice 
Tandoori roti 
Tandoori naan
Butter naan 
Garlic naan
Veg. Biryani 
Egg biryani
Goat biryani 
Chicken biryani 
Shrimp biryani
Dum ka gosh 
Goat curry
Paradise goat fry 
Palak goat fry
Hyd. Goat masala
Goat pepper fry 
Goat sukha 
Goat chops
Chicken garlic 
Chicken pakoda 
Chicken 65 
Chilly chicken 
Ginger chicken 
Chicken curry 
Kadai chicken 
Butter chicken (boneless)
Chicken pepper fry 
Paradise chicken fry
Fish curry 
Fish fry 
Shrimp fry 
Shrimp curry
Fish apollo
Fish manchuria
Shrimp manchuria
Tandoori chicken 
Malai kabab 
Chicken tikka
Chicken hariyali kabab
Egg manchuria 
Egg bajji
Paradise dal fry 
Paneer butter masala 
Paneer tikka masala 
Chana masala 
Capsicum masala 
Mirch ka saalan 
Bagare baigan
Gobi manchuria 
Gobi 65 
Paneer 65 
Paneer tikka 
Paneer manchuria 
Cut mirchi 
Mirchi bajji
Qubani ka meetha 
Double ka meetha 
Ice cream 
Gulab jamun 
Sweet lassi 
Mango lassi 
Bottled water 
The Extent of Care taken in preparation of food starts right from quality Ingredients, 
Basmati Rice and Spices.
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